Welcome to South River Youth Athletics Running! This is a clinic-styled program designed for 3rd-8th graders who love to run and compete. We mimic the High School program through a fall Cross Country and a Spring Track program. We provide a mix of strength, endurance and flexibility training along with a spirit of hard work and support of our teammates.

We rely on parent volunteers to serve as coaches, assistant coaches and team parents.

  • Coaches are responsible for their teams to include scheduling practices, communicating with families, and coordinating meets with the commissioner.
  • Assistant coaches help the coaches and fill in when the coach is not available.
  • Team Parents run/walk with the team to provide an extra set of eyes and words of encouragement, especially on longer runs and workouts with multiple stations.

All help is welcome!  Please consider signing up and contact the Running Commissioner with questions.

We are also looking for someone to shadow the commissioner to eventually take over this role.

Athlete Expectations

  • No previous experience necessary
  • Athletes do not need to be fast runners, but must be committed to improvement, willing to listen and always giving their best
  • Arrive at practice, with running shoes, dressed for the weather and with a water bottle ready to start running on time


Commissioner - Kristy Howell

Asst. Commissioner - Sherie Kim