SRYA Cheerleading

Welcome to SRYA Cheerleading's youth-recreational program!  THe fall season begins in August and runs through November-December time frame.  Fall cheer season extends through football playoffs/championships.

DEFINITION OF A CHEERLEADER: A cheerleader serves to boost team spirit, promote good sportsmanship, and develop good, positive crowd involvement.  Cheerleaders are athletes.

The SRYA Cheer program is meant to be an introductory program.  We believe that every child that wants to be a cheerleader, should be!    There are no try-outs or prior experience required.  We do work hard, take our routines serious, and walk away feeling proud about our accomplishments at all skill levels.  Most importantly, we have FUN!!!

Sideline Cheer: Cheerleaders cheer during football games to entertain, motivate, and promote team spirit and crowd involvement.  They learn chants and jumps, along with basic tumbling and stunts.  They also perform a short routine during Pep Rally and some games for halftime.  Coaches are needed in order to continue this program.  Please reach out if interested.

Sideline Cheer and Competition: In addition to the Sideline Cheer description, cheerleaders will also participate in 1 or 2 competitions/exhibitions.  To qualify for competition, cheerleaders must be 6 years old by August 31.

Registration: Is open to all children between the ages of 3 and 14.  Sideline Cheer cost is $160 (ages 3-8).  Sideline Cheer and Competition cost is $225 (ages 6-14).

Information for those new to cheer and all squads

Cheer will begin the first week of August for ALL cheerleaders.  Details are TBD.

Emergency contact forms and waivers are required prior to practicing.

Clinics will be revamped from previous years.  We are looking at hosting a camp on a Friday night or Saturday morning to learn motions, cheers, etc.

Squad Practices: Schedules to be determined, but typically twice a week at Edgewater Park.  Once school starts, cheer practices are typically held inside at Edgewater Elementary.  However, this is not a guaranteed practice location until school begins and permits are received.


Commissioner - Lindsay West


Asst. Commissioner - Stacy Spadaro


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