SRYA Wrestling

SRYA Wrestling is devoted to the development of wrestlers for both boys and girls from the ages of 4 - 15 while instructing the basic fundamentals of one of the oldest sports in the world.
Wrestling is the foundation for all other sports, football, baseball, basketball, track, lacrosse, and many more. SRYA Wrestling strives to build character through teaching each wrestler sportsmanship, responsibility, teamwork and dedication. We develop mental toughness through hard work that will help our wrestlers become better athletes both on and off the mat.

Wrestling is a one-on-one sport.  There is no one else to blame when you lose and no one else to take the credit when you win. This teaches self reliance and responsibility for their actions.  These are lessons that they will take with them as they enter their adult lives.

We hope to see you on the mat!

SRYA Wrestling Summer Camp

SRYA Wrestling Camp registration is open!  This camp is run by 2X state championship wrestling coach John Klessinger.  Many of the high school wrestlers will be there as well.


Commissioner - Sean Healey