Welcome to our Spring Track Running program! This is designed for 3rd - 8th graders who love to run and compete. Different from the Fall season, we intend to run on the track as much as possible and will incorporate a variety of distances. Practices will include warmup, stretching, strength work and, of course, lots of running. Several timed competitions at the end of the season will be held at South River High School track.  We will also provide opportunities to participate in optional travel meets throughout the season, which are generally held on Sundays.  Practice days and times will vary based on coach and track availability, but are typically 3 times a week for 1 hour in the evenings.

Teams are organized by distance, but incorporate all ages. Runners will have an opportunity to race any distances they choose, but the teams focus on different workouts tuned to specific race lengths.

  • Sprinters - 8-14 year olds (grades 3-8) with preferred race lengths of 100m/200m
  • Middlers - 8-14 year olds (grades 3-8) with preferred race lengths of 400m/800m
  • Distance - 8-14 year olds (grades 3-8) with preferred race length of 800m/1600m


Commissioner - Kristy Howell

Asst. Commissioner - Peter Greene