County Basketball

Our county level teams are for boys and girls, ages 8 through 18 (if still in school).  League placement is determined by the players age on or before September 1.  Example: For the team to be placed in a 10U league, NO player may turn 11 prior to September 1, 2022.  Also, all players must be 8 years old before competing in a county league game.

Games for County (grades 3-8) begins the first weekend in December and runs through the end of February.  Practices begin in mid-November.  Games for High School begin the second weekend in December and typically run through the first weekend in March.  Games are typically scheduled on Sundays.  Practices begin in mid-late November after South River High School picks their basketball rosters.

Teams will be divided by skill levels to participate in the county league.  The county has 3 different levels of play (A. B, & C).  These levels allow for all the kids to be able to participate and play at their skill level to have fun and compete.

Practices are twice per week and will be held at South River High School, Chesapeake Christian Fellowship, Summit School, Central Elementary, Central Middle, or Mayo Elementary.  Games are on Saturday for all teams 8U - 13U and on Sunday for the 15U and 17U.  The county picks what gym the play in, and this can be anywhere in Anne Arundel County.  They usually play in the same gym every week throughout the season.

For county players: In order to be placed on a team, your child must be registered and paid before they come to evaluations.  We are unable to register your child at evaluations; there are simply too many players to process.  Once evaluations are over, there will be no additional players registered or added to teams.

There will be two evaluations per age group.  We understand that your child may have other commitments and activities, however, please make every effort to attend at least one evaluation.  As long as your child is registered and paid, they will be placed on a team.  A player will be placed as appropriately as possible if they are unable to attend an evaluation, as we cannot predict their skills or improvement without seeing them.  Please do what you can to make the evaluations.

To reiterate, if your child shows up for evaluations and has not already registered, they will not be able to attend that session.  If your child is registered but not paid, you must bring cash or check to the evaluation session for them to participate.  Therefore, please make sure that you accompany your child in to the check-in table at evaluations.

A practice penny and South River shorts are required to play County.  We suggest that you buy them bigger so you can wear them again next year and will not have to purchase every year.  Shorts and Pinnies can be paid for online and via credit card/paypal.  Also, practice pinnies and shorts will be available for sale at evaluations (at evaluations, cash and checks are only methods of payment accepted for shorts/pinnies.  At this time we do not accept credit cards at evaluations).

High School League - We also offer a High School league for high school age children.  Teams practice once per week and games are on Sunday.  Boys and Girls teams play against other county teams.