Basketball FAQs

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Why is registration more expensive this year (2021/2022 season)?

  • We have brand new uniforms for the 2021 season.  Since all players will need to purchase game shorts this year, due to the new design, we have incorporated the shorts' cost into registration.  This will save time at evaluations because parents do not have to purchase the shorts separately, as they have done in the past.  The shorts will be provided by the coach at the same time as the game jersey is provided.
  • Registration cost will decrease next year.  In future years, we will go back to the previous format and anyone that needs game shorts and/or practice pinnies, will purchase them separately.
    • Game shorts are kept and can be worn for future seasons.  Make sure to 'size-up' and save money.

Do I need a practice jersey?

  • Yes.  Players MUST have a practice pinny.
  • For the 2021 season, pinnies will be provided for free.  They can be used for future seasons, so 'size-up'.
  • Future seasons, they cost $15 and must be purchased and brought to each practice.
    • Just like any other sporting equipment (helmets, shoulder pads, lacrosse stick), the practice jersey is required to fully participate in basketball practice.

Do we return the game jersey?

  • Yes, to keep registration costs down, we need to receive all game jerseys back as they are utilized for future seasons.  If we do not receive at the end of the season, it would cause costs to rise for all basketball families.

When are practice nights?

  • Practice nights and times are based on coach's availability.  We review any requests that are submitted at time of registration, and try to take those requests into account.  However, coach's availability is priority.
  • Practices can be Monday-Friday between 5:30-9:30.  They can be at any SRHS feeder school.  Additionally, we have rented space at Chesapeake Christian Fellowship (CCF).

How are teams selected?

  • Each age group will get two evaluations.  We have 3-5 people evaluating the players skill level and abilities.  We take into account their position and skill level.  We also factor in the amount of players per team, based on the total number of players at that age group.  All of these items are used to make teams and place those teams in the appropriate level within the AACO league.

When are games?

  • County games are typically on Saturday.  Anywhere within AACo.  Anytime between 8am - 8pm.  *Note: Youth games can be played on Sunday.  Nothing guaranteed yet.
  • High School games are on Sunday.
  • Clinic games are held at Central Elementary.  They begin in January and can be at any time which will not be known until the AACo schedule is finalized in January.

Why are practices so late?

  • The county allows our gym time to be from 5:30 - 9:30.  We have a lot of teams and need to use all of the gym time allotted to us.  Therefore, middle school teams can practice until 9:30pm.