Girls Lacrosse

Stick Star Summer 2023 Clinics

Mission Statement: To assist the development of stick skills in a positive, uplifting environment while raising money to support girls in the community.  All clinic participants will receive 1 Stick Star tee shirt.

Cost: $10 mandatory donation per clinic.  Included with donation is a 1-hour clinic with high school.  All money raised will be donated to SRYA for the purpose of buying equipment to be loaned to girls for a season who are either in need or are playing for the first time and are determining their level of interest.  Other funds may be used to help offset registration or uniform costs for those in need.

Clinic Itinerary:

  • Intro, stretch, and shuttles
  • Stations:
    • Shooting Drills
    • Competitive ground ball drills
    • Continuous 3v2 (or regular 3v2 depending on group size)
    • 4v3 buildup box drills

Age Range: Kindergartners through 8th graders, in fall 2023.

Location: All clinics will be held at Loch Haven Field - 3424 Pocahontas Drive, Edgewater, MD.


  • June 21
    • K-4 9am-10am & 6pm-7pm
    • 5-8 10am-1130am & 7pm-830pm
  • July 13
    • K-4 9am-10am & 6pm-7pm
    • 5-8 10am-1130am & 7pm-830pm
  • July 19
    • K-4 9am-10am & 6pm-7pm
    • 5-8 10am-1130am & 7pm-830pm


Age Groups

Please note, under no circumstance may a player play down a level!

The following is the Girls Lacrosse Eligibility Chart as mandated by A.A. Co. Recs & Parks.

(Girls lacrosse teams are broken down by grade level, not age)

Sticklette-Clinic - Grades Pre-K (must be 5 years old by March 1, 2023) thru 2nd grade.

Pee Wee - Grades 3 and 4

Middies - Grades 5 and 6

Juniors - Grades 7 and 8


Sticklettes (Pre-K through 2nd): $45 December 1, 2022 through February 15, 2023.
Registration will increase to $65 if you register February 16, 2023 through March 1, 2023. No registrations will be accepted after March 1, 2023.

Pee Wee, Middie, Juniors (3rd-8th): $140 December 1, 2022 through January 31, 2023
Registration will increase to $160 if you register February 1, 2023 through February 15, 2023. No registrations will be accepted after February 15, 2023.


NEW FOR 2023: Sticklettes (Pre-K through 2nd grade) will need to wear the official SRYA team reversible jersey (light blue/white just like the big girls!) for an additional fee of $30. To offset that cost increase, we've dropped registration by $30 for all Sticklette players (was $75 in the past, registration will now be $45). Players will be expected to keep these jerseys and use them each season (for lacrosse or field hockey) - to help save parents money in the long run. If you already received a jersey during Fall 2022 Field Hockey season, or already have a light blue/white jersey from an older SRYA player - you do NOT need to purchase a new jersey.

County Players (3rd through 8th grade) will need a full uniform of jersey top and skirt. *If your player played SRYA Field Hockey in the Fall or in prior SRYA lacrosse seasons, the uniform is the same. Each piece (jersey top and skirt) is an additional fee of $30 per piece for all Pee Wee, Middie, and Junior players. NEW FOR 2023: We're able to offer these lower-cost, similar look uniforms because we found a new locally-based supplier!


Sticklettes must be enrolled in Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade in Spring 2023 and be 5 years old (or older) by March 1, 2023. Any child born after March 1, 2018 is not eligible for SRYA Sticklettes.

Teams will be leveled by age/experience & we will make best efforts to put friends together based upon requests. Practices will be 2x a week during April, until games begin in late April. Then practice 1x a week & 1 game a week (during practice); or 2 games a week during normal practice times. Games will be against like-age group teams from other nearby youth organizations in a co-op format, playing 5v5 with no goalies and coach-referees. New for 2023: Please note that upon coaches' request, 2nd grade/advanced players may be entered into the Anne Arundel County Rec and Parks sticklettes league (6v6) instead of the co-op league.

Pee-Wees, Middies, Juniors League Structure (3rd - 8th Grade)

Practices will start around the end of February/beginning of March (weather dependent). Coaches will contact registered players with the exact day, time, and field location around mid-February. Practice pinnies will be distributed at the start of the season & collected at the end of the season.

Evaluations (Middies & Juniors 5th - 8th Grade)

Evaluations will be held at the end of February (Tentatively: Feb 25th or Feb 26th 2023) for Middie and Junior teams. Players will be evaluated and placed on the team that best fits their skill level as determined by the evaluators, coaches, and commissioner. All Junior & Middie players must plan on attending this evaluation session. Registered players will be notified via email as to specific details regarding evaluations. Please note: some player shifts may occur the first week of practice to account for skill levels.

Equipment (all age groups)

Players must have/provide the following equipment:

  • Girls/Womens Lacrosse Stick (no fiddlesticks or boys lacrosse stick)
  • Colored Mouth Guard (no straps attached to goggles)
  • Eye Goggles (specifically for girls lacrosse)
  • Cleats/Sneakers

Coaching & Volunteering

We are always looking for qualified and enthusiastic coaches to volunteer their time to help out with our teams. The more coaches we have the more players we can have with increased playing time and opportunity to learn the sport. If you are interested in coaching at ANY level please contact Commissioners Lisa Weber-Raley & Rachelle Synoracki at

SRYA adheres to Anne Arundel County rules and focuses on promoting fair play, good sportsmanship, fundamental skill, and play development. As mandated by the county, all players at all levels will have the opportunity to enjoy at least 25% play time per game. Between the weekly practices and the games, players will have plenty of opportunity to learn more about this fast-moving sport.

For more information about girl’s lacrosse in Anne Arundel County, CLICK HERE


Commissioner - Lisa Weber Raley

Asst Commisioner - Rachelle Synoracki