It was voted upon, at the last SRYA Board of Director’s meeting, to move on from the Demosphere platform and to begin the process of moving all sports onto TeamSnap.  TeamSnap is a premiere sports management platform that is consistently utilized by many of the club teams in the country.  SRYA is proud to now be a member of the TeamSnap family.

As with any platform move, there will be growing pains.  The SRYA board members will do everything they can to reduce that burden for the families of SRYA players, however there will be some items that SRYA members will have to do to get into the new system.  If new to TeamSnap, SRYA members will have to create a new account and add all of their children to that account that will be participating in SRYA sports.  If you already have a TeamSnap account, just ensure that all of your information is up to date, and register your child for the sport that he/she is interested.

We hope that you enjoy your TeamSnap experience!

SRYA Webmaster

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