US Soccer Age Matrix

In accordance to US Soccer's change in age format from split year ("U10" for example), all US soccer leagues (NCSL, BBSL, AAYSA, included) must adhere to the new birth year format. The age group of a team is determined by the birth year of the oldest player on the roster.
Leagues run from Fall through Spring, so a player's age group is determined at the onset of the Fall Season. For example, in Fall 2018 (F2018), a player's age group will be determined based on his birth year and the chart below for 2018. A player born in 2007, would play in the "U12" age group for Fall 2018/Spring 2019 (F2018/S2019) soccer seasons.
Below is the Age Matrix for SRYA Soccer, based on US Soccer mandate. Please note that in some SRYA Soccer Clinic age groups, a player has option to play in either of two SRYA Soccer Clinic leagues. If a player has already played a fall & spring season in the younger clinic league, they must move up the the next level the following fall season. For example in the Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 (F2018 & S2019) column below, a 2013 birth year child can player either SRYA Junior Clinic (Yellow color) or SRYA Senior Clinic (purple color). If the child already played a fall and spring season of SRYA Junior Clinic soccer, they must move up and play in the SRYA Senior Clinic soccer.  

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